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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
- Jim Rohn

Vanessa Ascencao is a dynamic, inspirational and highly qualified nutritional consultant. She brings a fresh and revolutionary approach to health, wellness and personal growth, having spent 10 years studying, researching and working with some of the greatest minds in metaphysics, nutrition, health and fashion. She’s helped celebrities, business executives and others transform their lives through a unique mind-body approach to health and nutrition.

Vanessa holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition, a Bcom in Marketing, a degree in Fashion Design and consults to top local and international health and natural food companies.

She’s helped scores of South Africans get into shape and improve their lives, including celebrities. Her mission is to inspire others to nurture their bodies, embrace their unique beauty and to reach their full potential.

Vanessa’s approach to health and nutrition is powerfully unique. Her work incorporates the latest scientific research, balanced with an acute understanding of human emotion and spirituality. She recently launched the revolutionary “eco-diet” – an eco-friendly eating and lifestyle plan embracing whole, natural foods, natural supplementation and aimed at achieving the best possible health and wellness from within.

Vanessa advocates a strong mind-body approach and is committed to connecting with those who seek her help in transforming their lives.

“People are living, feeling, emotional and spiritual beings - not machines,” says Vanessa. “That’s why my approach combines the best of nutritional science with the art of living to connect and integrate with people in the way they really live.”

In addition to consulting to business, personalities and the public, Vanessa edits a monthly electronic health newsletter, writes for various publications and is a regular guest on radio and television.

She’s a fervent researcher in the field of nutritional science, reads voraciously, and has a passion for food, life, and family.

She is available for interviews, presentations and consultations.

For further information, contact Josi Page on 082 322 6042 (josi@trifactoragencies.co.za) or Craig Doonan on 083 463 1827 (craig@leapcommunications.co.za)

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